five steps to ordering your guide

Step One: Fill out the Guide Request Form. Deb will follow-up with an email as soon as she is able. Together, you will discuss pertinent aspects of your project (author interviews, completion date, special projects, mailing a copy of your book to Deb, etc.) which will help you to decide what type of guide you need.

Step Two: After your email or phone conversation, access the Guides by deb DEPOSIT PAGE and pay the deposit on the guide of your choice. After deposit has been made, Deb will schedule a completion date on her production calendar.

Step Three: Deb works on your guide. Upon completion, she will send a draft .pdf copy to you via email. Requested revisions occur during a two-week window of time.

Step Four: Access the BALANCE DUE page of the website to complete the payment for your guide.  Once balance has been paid, Deb will send a final copy of your guide to you via email.

Step Five: Post and promote! Deb will join in the fun with you!!!!!

Got any questions? Contact Deb at