Congratulations on your good marketing strategy for school librarians!  Very important to show that author visits are not just "entertainment," but that they are aligned with the curriculum.

Shirley Lukenbill: School of Information, University of Texas at Austin  
and School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University. 


I thoroughly enjoyed Deb's presentation today, which I found to be informative, pragmatic, and surprisingly relevant to my needs, even though I'm pre-published. I was expecting a few pointers that I'd file away for 'someday' --meaning if I ever land a book contract. Instead, I came home with a clear view of why I should be thinking about book trailers now, and a headstart on how to make them. Deb's approach to building a trailer is, as she pointed out, a great way to test a manuscript's plot, setting, and character development.  I'm so glad I attended the session!

Carol Doeringer: SCBWI-MI

I enjoyed the C3=V: An Online Book Publicity Course! I loved learning about all the endeavors that you have going and planned. You are an inspiration due to your past work and your dedication to developing and carrying out new plans. In this course, I especially liked the presentations of Carol Cox and Amber Peterson. Both presentations had new information to me that I thought valuable to me personally. It was also valuable to understand more about school visits and what should be included.

Sharon Harris: SCBWI-MI

I loved working with Deb on this guide. She isn't just about the guide, however. Deb looks at each piece of the work she does in relation to where you are in your publishing process and how the job at hand, fits in to that process. Deb is friendly, professional and prompt. The small fixes that were needed to the beautiful guide she produced, were finished in no time flat. I not only would recommend Deb, but I will be using her services again in the very near future.

Patrick Flores-Scott : Author

Debbie, I really enjoyed the C3=V online course. You are a natural presenter. Relaxed, knowledgeable, trustworthy, encouraging. I especially liked the Q&As after the presentations. The pacing was good, the handouts helpful. I would definitely recommend your course for authors new to book promotion and for those of us who need a refresher course and a kick in the pants!

Mary Atkinson: Author

Deb Gonzales has compiled two Discussion/Activity guides for my picture books, and they were both fantastic. The discussion questions were appropriate and interesting. The activities were standards-based and fun. The guides are bright and well put-together. And Deb sticks to the schedule she promised and is flexible when changes need to be made. I highly recommend her work.

Jody Jensen Shaffer: Author

I enjoyed working with Deb. She is professional, knowledgeable, and patient.

Joe Kimble: Author


The Author Presentation Guide Debbie created and designed for me was not only stunning, interesting, and of great benefit to educators, but it made a huge difference in my ability to book school visits. I went from "zero to sixty" within days of promoting the guide as part of my pitch to schools and libraries. The guide is so well done, it adds value and gives authority to me as an author and to my school programs. I highly recommend working with Debbie Gonzales.

Nanci Turner Steveson : Author


Debbie Gonzales was a delight to work with. I needed an education guide for my new picture book. I had a short deadline and she eagerly took on the project. Her work is incredible - meticulous, detailed, creative, and full of helpful tools that will engage educators and students. I could not ask for more. I can't wait to share the guide she created. Every author should have a guide created by Debbie Gonzales!

Barbara Bietz: Author


Debbie Gonzales's Discussion/Activity guide for This is not the Abby Show exceeded my expectations. I am simply thrilled with the outcome. Her insightful discussion questions and activities explore all aspects of the book, allowing for students to think both critically and empathetically. As a former teacher, I'm certain this guide will be invaluable to teachers, particularly as it is aligned with common core state standards. I will definitely be using Debbie for future books and recommending her to other authors as well!

Debbie Reed Fischer: Author


Debbie created the PERFECT school visit guide for my children's picture book, THIS DAY IN JUNE. All of the exercises and activities are fun and engaging, and they really bring LGBT history and culture to life for students. Teachers are so appreciative of activities that are aligned with Common Core standards, and this guide will be an appealing addition to their lesson plans. Thank you, Debbie!

Gayle E. Pitman, Ph.D.: Author


Debbie Gonzales doesn't just write fantastic guides that are spot on with the curriculum, although she does that, too. Debbie gets to know her authors through their books and her personal communications and then crafts a guide that is deeply entrenched in the personal and the emotionally relevant. If you want your teaching guide to authentically represent who you are as an author and a person, then you want to hire Debbie to do the job. I'll be using Debbie for all my future publications!

Kimberly Sabatini: Author


Debbie is fantastic to work with! Professional, hard working, thorough, thoughtful, fun, and willing to work with you on tight schedules. I would highly recommend her!

Kat Kronenberg: Author


Debbie is a joy to work with. She's enthusiastic, organized, and efficient. Her guide leads readers to the heart and soul of Tangled Lines. No busy work involved. Discussion questions challenge readers not only to enjoy the reading ride but to dig into diverse matters of the heart, family, culture, and society. And her project invites readers to consider their own power and how to use use it for their personal benefit and beyond. I highly recommend Debbie's work.

Bonnie J. Doerr: Author


The Educator's Guide that Deb created went so far beyond my expectations in terms of quality, content and design. I could not be more pleased. When I asked if we could incorporate some materials into the Guide, Deb did not hesitate to take my suggestions and create new graphic organizers that make the material accessible to students and open up opportunities for learning about literary devices. We ended up with a wonderful Guide and Deb was a delight to work with.

Sarah Sullivan: Author


A nicely imaginative and thorough take on the books for educators!

Greg Leitich Smith: Author


I was blown away by the great science projects and terrific learning games and crafts Debbie created for The Inventor's Secret. Debbie is clever, creative, and easy to work with--a real gem. I know teachers and students are going to enjoy her wonderful guide!

Suzanne Slade: Author


I am seeing my book in a new way through you and your work. This guide doesn't feel dry and academic -- it feels like a window into the heart of my story. Maybe even a heart I didn't know was there or wouldn't have been able to articulate myself. What you've created is something much more than a teacher's guide or discussion guide. It is a heartfelt companion.

Liz Garton Scanlon: Author

I'm not going to lie. When I looked through the CCSS guide Debbie Gonzales prepared for me, I got tears in my eyes. Her attention to detail and her constant dedication to going the extra mile made my guide exceptional. I felt like she had looked into my soul and determined the true theme behind my ideas, a theme I wasn't even aware existed. I highly recommend Debbie's work to every author I know.

 P. J. Hoover: Author


If you are looking for someone to create a beautiful, comprehensive, one-of-a-kind discussion and/or activity guide for your book, then Debbie Gonzales is your woman! I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about the guide she created for Dinosaur Boy – there is so much love and special attention to detail woven into its pages, and it absolutely nailed the Common Core State Standards. I have already booked school visits based on the guide alone – not on my book or the strength of my presentations – the guide. Bottom line – if you want a thorough, fun, and helpful guide that checks all the boxes that educators and librarians are looking for, look no further than Deb!! She’s the greatest.

Cory Putnam Oakes: Author


The first thing I do every time a new picture book goes to print is ask Debbie Gonzales to create a Teaching Guide. I am always amazed and delighted with the imaginative, fun, varied, and—most importantly—easy-to-follow activities she dreams up! Deb utilizes her extensive background as an educator and camp director, to connect my stories with the school curriculum in myriad of ways specifically designed to engage children with varying interests and abilities in grades K-5. And I’m not the only one! Librarians, Teachers, Home-Schooling Parents, Day Care Directors, and even the Educational Marketing Supervisor at my publisher have praised Debbie Gonzales’s Teaching Guides.

Additionally, Deb works with me to ensure that my vision for my books is reflected in each guide. In this way elements from my school presentations are reiterated—a “take-away” librarians and teachers really appreciate! Most recently, Deb updated the seven Teaching Guides she had previously created for my books to address the new CORE Curriculum requirements—an effort especially appreciated by educators.

Kelly Bennett: Author


The Teacher’s Guide Deb Gonzales wrote for me brought tears to my eyes…she really “got” Odette's Secrets, and she found so many ingenious ways to help children think about the questions raised in it:  Can lying be justified?  What does it do to a person when they lie?

She seamlessly integrated these questions with others relating to concrete subjects, such as history and geography, creating a comprehensive and versatile guide I hope will be useful to teachers and others who wish to discuss this work of historical fiction.

Maryann Macdonald: Author


Debbie Gonzales is a natural teacher. It is evident in her affection for students of all ages and the teachers and librarians who guide them. Her master-level class on creating fun and effective teacher guides was packed with information about the Common Core Curriculum as well as examples of guides that work - and why some don't. As a workshop leader, she encourages her students to stretch their creative boundaries, to think like a teacher as well as a reader, and to tap into their inner child wonder of the world around us.

Colleen Cook: Author & SCBWI Kansas Regional Advisor


Teachers reach over each other to grab the teacher guide Debbie created for my book; even though it is downloadable from my website and a free book is a second option!

Leslie Helakoski: Author/Illustrator & SCBWI Michigan Regional Advisor


I give Deb my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to have her create a Teacher Guide for future books. Not only did she carefully read and “get” my story, but she did so ahead of schedule and with a big smile on her face. She was and still remains a huge cheerleader for Lara’s Gift and came up with super ideas for me to use in the classroom during an author visit. Deb is a children’s author’s dream. Not only does she come from many years of teaching, but she also has an MFA in the Writing for Children and Young Adults program at VCFA. If you need a Teacher Guide for your book, do yourself a favor, talk to Deb, tell her what your goals are, and she will walk you through her process and let you know what she can do to help you.

Annemarie O'Brien: Author


My first book was soon to be launched, and I wanted someone to create a professional guide to accompany it. When I asked the opinion of others at a writers’ retreat, Debbie’s name came up time and again. And for good reason. Debbie was eager and enthusiastic to take on my non-fiction picture book. In a fun and comprehensive way she managed to weave its message throughout the guide resulting in a useful tool for educators. I am proud of the CCSS Annotated Discussion and Activity Guide Debbie created for me, and I look forward to our next project together.

 Barbara Elizabeth Walsh: Author


As an author with my first book coming out this fall, I wasn't quite sure what to expect in regard to activity guide that Debbie was creating for me. (A mentor had told me that I needed to have Debbie create these materials, so I made the arrangements.) When I received her comprehensive CCSSI Annotated Activity Guide for my first book, I was in awe - her work far exceeded my estimation of what she was going to provide for me. She created a whole array of activities for K-5 students -- matching games, bar and line graphing activities, habitat and physicality observations, a Q & A section, and more! And, she finished my project a few weeks ahead of her estimated schedule, too. After seeing her work, I also had Debbie create teacher annotation documentation for three other school presentation that have been doing for years. Now I am set with a full array of materials that should more than satisfy classroom teachers. Thank you, Debbie!

Eileen Meyer: Author and Poet


I wanted a teacher's guide for my first authored book, but I didn’t have the time (or expertise) to devote to such an endeavor. Among published author friends, Debbie Gonzales’ name kept popping up as the best in the business. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I contacted Debbie, and she delivered way beyond my expectations.

Debbie studied my nonfiction picture book. But she didn’t stop there. Observing the questions and activities provided in the guide, I could tell Debbie did her own research on the subject. Some of the activities even included facts and information not included in my story. This was nice, because as a picture book there was a lot I had to cut. The guide includes some of those lost details.  This teacher’s guide is definitely a valuable companion to my book. Teachers are gonna love it!

Don Tate: Author/Illustrator


I was referred to Debbie Gonzales by a friend whose discussion/activity guide I admired. Right from the start, Deb impressed me with her professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. When my guide came, I was thrilled. Deb looked at my book through so many lens: What would a teacher need? Deb designed discussion questions to help kids think about the meaning of the story and apply it to their lives. What would a child enjoy? She created craft projects like making block prints and creating a broom of their own. What would help everyone connect to the story? Deb came up with a Reader's Theater script classes can act out. I am so proud of what she created and happy to know her. If you want a stand-out guide, she's the one to call.

 Kelly Starling Lyons: Author


Deb Gonzales has produced three fantastic Activity Guides for me: the first for a non-fiction middle grade study skills book, and the next two for young adult historical novels. In each case she hit the target, addressing issues of audience, teacher usability, extended knowledge and enrichment, all while making the Guides interesting and just plain fun to use. Her work is first class, and she is a joy to work with.

 Janet Fox: Author


Deb brings her unique experience as a former teacher, a children's book writer, and an MFA candidate, to everything she does. She has a real understanding of what teachers need, plus a creative mind that remains open to new and exciting ideas. On top of that, she's highly organized and efficient, but most of all, a lot of fun to work with. We've shared many laughs over the years of our collaboration and my Teacher's Guides are among the best.  

 Stephanie Greene: Author


It is the Truth with a Capital T that there is no one like Debbie Gonzales when it comes to reader guides. She posses an educator's eye--making choices to further enhance history, reading comprehension, and providing extensive additional resource materials anda child's heart geared towards making all learning fun. Her work is one tool, this writer, is glad to have in her toolbox.  

 Bethany Hegedus: Author


Debbie Gonzales is razor-sharp, forward thinking, and a gem to work with. She knows how to wade through the chaotic needs of business to discover the heart and needs of a child. 

 Cynthia Leitich Smith: Author/Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts


Optimistic, goal oriented, with a work ethic beyond compare, Debbie thrives on a challenge, the bigger the better. She has the ability to work effectively with people of all ages, effortlessly creating close connections, especially with young people.    

 Sue Henry: Director, White Rock Montessori


Excels in academic leadership, Debbie will bring creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and organizational skills to your projects.   

 Rebecca Van-Slyke, MFA: Author/Educator


Debbie is professional and ingenious and caring. She created the most amazing Reader's Guide for How Not to be Popular. It is fun and highly enlightening. It even gave ME a new insight into MY own book!  

Jennifer Ziegler: Author


Outstanding! Debbie approaches a project with enthusiasm, verve, geniality, flair, and the confidence that comes from solid competence in her field.  

 Sarah Ellis: Author/Faculty, VCFA


Teacher of the Year qualities and beyond!   

 Olivia Rock: Parent, Dallas   


Deborah's presence and personality brings out the very best in everyone around her. She motivates and persuades in ways few leaders can

Jason Barnes: Parent/Partner, Barnes & Roberts, LLC


A skilled writer who understands how to let words live up to their power and who always has her heart and mind open to curiosity and learning.    

Jane Kurtz: Author/Faculty, VCFA